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Keith Richards’ daughter, Theodora, drew Jimmy and Keith last night during their interview.

We asked YOU to send your best Snapchat drawings of Jimmy and Keith to our Snapchat, and we got some awesome responses!

Thanks to Snapchatters: gabyg99, mtd616, daelmz, rosaginge, torii429, l.gordon01, livhopkins, nataliepuopoloo, ash7586, fatemakareem, marissab1, yessicarose06, zinochawrash, lgardenia17, lizfedak, metblink, mownika, megkear, laurautmol, kelseyrose822, rayray22, and many more!

And remember to add fallontonight on Snapchat for more challenges and all of the behind-the-scenes fun!

so worth blowing off homework to draw this. #topright

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